In the show's second season, Buffy continues to come to terms with her destiny as the Slayer with the help of her friends. Buffy finds forbidden love with Angel and clashes with Spike and Drusilla, the new vampires in town. She also meets and befriends Kendra Young, the Slayer who had been called when Buffy drowned in the first season finale. Buffy loses her virginity to Angel, unknowingly lifting the Kalderash curse placed on him a century earlier. This causes him to lose his soul and revert to Angelus, the most infamously evil vampire in history. He becomes obsessed with destroying Buffy's life and joins Spike and Drusilla, who have reconstructed a supernatural monster called the Judge. Aided by Xander's mystical insights into militarism and weapons, Buffy foils their plans and defeats the Judge, but Angelus' pathological abuse continues to take a heavy toll on Buffy and her friends.

When faced with Angelus's subsequent plan to destroy the world, Buffy reluctantly accepts an alliance with Spike, who also wants to stop Angelus. While strategizing with Spike, Buffy is forced to reveal her identity as the Slayer to her mother, who demands that Buffy stay home and discuss matters with her, telling her that if she leaves now, not to come back; Buffy, however, has "to go save the world. Again." As Buffy fights with Angelus, trying to prevent him from opening a vortex to a hell dimension, Willow works a spell to re-ensoul Angel. The spell is successful, and Buffy watches Angel return; however, Angelus had already activated the statue to open the gateway and Angel's blood is the only way to close it. Buffy reluctantly stabs Angel with a sword, sending him to Hell and saving the world. Traumatized by the ordeal of essentially killing her boyfriend and being alienated from her mother, Buffy leaves Sunnydale and escapes to Los Angeles.

In Season Three, Buffy must reconnect to her calling, her friends, and her family after her departure, as well as make difficult life decisions regarding her relationship with Angel. In L.A., Buffy waits tables in a diner under a false identity (she uses her middle name, Anne), trying to turn her back on her destiny. However, after rescuing a runaway, Buffy returns to Sunnydale to face her own demons. She reunites with her loved ones and tries to find closure to her relationship with Angel. However, Angel returns mysteriously (by The First, as revealed later), and Buffy is still drawn to him.

Meanwhile, a new, rebellious Slayer, Faith, who had been activated upon Kendra's death, arrives in town. Faith is initially a powerful ally for Buffy, but their opposing personalities lead to antagonism and acrimony as Faith indulges her dark side. Buffy tries to help Faith, who becomes increasingly destructive and disloyal. Alienated from "the Scoobies", Faith finds a friend in the affable yet sinister Mayor Richard Wilkins, who had initially founded Sunnydale as a haven for demons to feed. As the Mayor uses Faith to help him prepare to become a pure-blood demon on Sunnydale High's Graduation Day, Buffy works first to thwart his efforts, then to organize a resistance. When she learns that Angel, who is on the verge of death after being poisoned by Faith, must drink the blood of a Slayer in order to survive, Buffy attempts to sacrifice Faith to save him. Their battle leaves Faith in a coma, and Buffy ultimately saves Angel with her own blood. Afterward, she leads her classmates in a climactic battle against the transformed Mayor and his minions, culminating in an explosion that destroys the Mayor as well as Sunnydale High School. After the smoke clears, Angel leaves for Los Angeles so that Buffy can try to have a more normal life without him.

在第二季中,Buffy在朋友的幫忙下繼續她身為剋星的職責。她與Angel陷入禁忌的戀情,和新來到鎮上的吸血鬼Spike 和Drusilla發生衝突,也認識了Kendra Young並成為朋友,Kendra是在第一季Buffy溺死時被召喚的剋星。Buffy與Angel發生關係,卻也因此在不知情的情況下解開了Angel在一個世紀前被下的一個卡爾德拉什詛咒。這讓Angel失去了他的靈魂,變回Angelus-史上最惡名昭彰、最邪惡的吸血鬼。他開始騷擾Buffy的生活並加入了Spike和Drusilla,他們放出了一個被稱為"Judge"的超自然怪物。Xander對武器和軍事行動的理解幫助Buffy阻止吸血鬼們的計畫並打敗了the Judge。但是Angelus持續的病態騷擾對Buffy和她的朋友們造成嚴重的傷害。

之後當發現Angelus想要毀滅世界的計畫後,Buffy心不甘情不願的跟Spike聯手阻止Angelus。和Spike一起行動時,Buffy被迫告知母親自己的剋星身份。儘管Joyce堅決的要求Buffy留在家,還說了"出去了就不要回來"的話,Buffy依然必須去"『再次』拯救世界。" 當她為了阻止Angelus打開通往地獄的漩渦與他戰鬥時,Willow企圖使用魔法讓Angel再次取回靈魂。魔法成功了,Angel回復正常;然而Angelus已經成功的開啟了通往地獄的大門,唯一關閉的方法就是Angel的血。Buffy別無選擇的刺了Angel一刀,把他送回地獄,拯救了世界。在經歷了被迫殺死男朋友和與母親決裂的折磨後,Buffy離開太陽谷逃到了洛杉磯。

第三季,Buffy必須再次面對她的命運,朋友和家人。同時她也必須做出她和Angel感情之間的重大決定。在LA,Buffy用假名(她以她的中間名Anne作為假名)在一家餐廳當服務生,試著逃避她的命運。然而,在救了一個離家出走的人後,Buffy還是回到了太陽谷面對自己的心魔。她重修了和親友之間的關係,並試著忘掉Angel。但是,Angel不知為何從地獄回來了(後面揭露,是The First讓他回來的),而Buffy依然深愛著他。

同時,因為Kendra之死而被召喚的新剋星Faith來到了鎮上。最初她是Buffy有力的盟友,但她們相反的個性終究讓兩人走上敵對之路。Buffy試著想要幫助越發暴力的Faith。和Scoobies小組決裂後,Faith投靠了和藹可親但邪惡的市長Richard Wilkins。Wilkins一開始建造太陽谷是為了要讓這裡成為惡魔們獵食的天堂。市長利用Faith幫助他能夠在太陽谷高中畢業典禮當天成為純血惡魔;Buffy先是阻止他,而後組織了反抗勢力。當她得知Angel被Faith下毒面臨死亡邊緣,而唯一的解藥是剋星的血時,她試圖要犧牲Faith來救Angel。她們之間的戰鬥讓Faith陷入昏迷,Buffy終究用自己的血救了Angel。之後,她帶領著同學與已經變形的市長和他的手下進行了一場大戰,最後這場戰鬥在炸掉了市長和太陽谷高中後結束。一切塵埃落定後,Angel為了讓Buffy能有更正常的生活而離開她到了洛杉磯。



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